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Janyah's Story –

Chicago Public Montessori

Meet Janyah, a precocious Montessori student from South Side, Chicago. Future astronaut, current 2nd grader, Janyah's wonderful charisma is only outdone by her passion for learning.

Students in Chicago's inner-city public schools drop out nearly 12 times the rate of the average Illinois student. As the desire to learn appears to wane, Public Montessori schools are flipping the script – boasting a 94% graduation rate – and fostering aspirations for further education.


We were tasked to support the push for public Montessori education in Chicago. This brief documentary showcases the benefits of Public Montessori through Janyah's inspiring story. 

CLIENT: Oglesby Montessori Foundation


COPYWRITER: Matt Conaghan


DIRECTOR/EDITOR: Robert Freeman Smith

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