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Modelo brought Dia de los Muertos, to the entire world. Marking the first Facebook Livestream and Chatbot for Ogilvy Chicago – a beer brand gave people a chance to honor their loved ones in an interactive Dia de los Muertos altar. 

Modelo Especial

LIVE Ofrenda

We created a crowd-sourced ofrenda on Olvera Street – the birthplace of Mexican culture in Los Angeles – to give all of our fans a chance to honor a lost loved one.


Thousands of viewers around the world offered personalized sugar skulls, marigolds, candles, and Modelo bottles to our Dia de los Muertos altar – all in real time. 


Working with a group of developers across Scandinavia, we built Grupo Modelo's first Facebook Chatbot. 


Dozens of video conferences and few hundred excel boxes later, our Day of the Dead Chatbot was able to educate the user on the holiday and receive submissions to be added to our ofrenda.


We created a Dia de los Muertos snapchat filter to commemorate the day of the dead

To honor this Mexican tradition Modelo created the first ever Spanish-to-English translation Snapchat Lens as part of our Día de Los Muertos “Celebra La Vida” campaign. We let people look death in the face and celebrate a life well lived.

   (Even Snoop Dogg got in on the fun)



With over 17 million uses and 33 million impressions, the lens surpassed our benchmark by 66%. With a 16.59 second average unique playtime, we also surpassed the 7-10 second average and looped for an average of 2 times.

Overall, Modelo’s lens crushed Snapchat’s benchmarks, demonstrating that people were highly engaged with the lens and creative. This continues to demonstrate the importance of using emerging technology in social media, finding new opportunities to reach a broad audience.


14 unique assets drove awareness to the event on social. Educational videos, recipes, engaging stills, events, and more.

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  • Reached 20 Million via Facebook and Instagram
  • Over 42k views and 400 comments on FB Live
  • 36MM total impressions
  • Contributed more total dollar growth than competitors during Dia de los Muertos ($32 Million)


Sam Spratlin – Creative Director

Matt Doherty – Creative Director

Ken Mason – Art Director​​

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