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Kleenex Knows Comfort uses simple, aesthetic images to illustrate the comfort and relief that Kleenex embodies. The color scheme, alongside the illustrations, is helpful in forming the light, warm feeling that is tied to Kleenex.


In accordance to “Kleenex Knows Comfort,” the text in certain versions of the advertisement stresses the phrase “Feel Better.” Kleenex tissues are used when someone is sick or crying. “Feel better” is a simple, yet effective way to show that Kleenex will always be there in a particular time of need.  


Art Director: Tracy J. Lee

Spreading Awareness for Mosquito Related Illnesses 

Generated copy and worked with a team to create print advertisements in order to spread awareness of mosquito related diseases in Brazil.  


Also organized layout and formatted particular advertisements. 

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Formed campaign ideas and generated copy for Dove beauty products. The brief's focus was to merge inner and outer beauty into one entity. 


One of our primary ideas was to showcase the duality of inner beauty and outer beauty through a print ad of the recognizable "Dove Girl" that could be opened up into a more detailed description of her inner beauty. 


The other idea was "The Pursuit of Pure-fection". Though this idea toed the line between an insightful idea and sophomoric wordplay, the relationship between Dove and purity is too strong to dismiss.  

Purefection Screenshot.png
United Way
Sargento Fundraising Campaign Partnering with The United Way Foundaion


Posters for the Sargento Corporation to help raise funds for the United Way chapter in Sheboygan, WI. 


I created the tagline "United Starts With You" while working as an intern.  It is my understanding that the global United Way Foundation has begun adopting this particular tagline in other projects.


Art Director: Tracy J. Lee 

University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation Women's Board


Wrote copy for a nonprofit organization. More specifically, composed invitations as well as concepted with an organization that has raised over $11 million for cancer research. 


Art Director: Emma McClurg 

National Council on Alcoholism And Drug Dependence


Independent project done to display the horrifying consequences of drinking and driving. 


Art Direction: Patrick Woo & Tracy J. Lee


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