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Planters // Mr. IPA-Nut

Nothing goes together better than beer and nuts, so we thought it best to put the two together. From working with the brewery, designing the can to crafting Mr.Peanut's first ever beer campaign, we created a quality beer that sold out in less than 24 hours, 

Case Study

Campaign // #BeerGoesNuts

Mr. Peanut knows everything about peanuts, but nothing about making peanut beer commercials, so he enlisted the help of the internet (and poked a little fun at some other beer commercials in the process). 

And in the end...the internet did not disappoint...

Out of Home

IMG_4057 (1).JPG
IMG_4068 (1).PNG
IMG_4063 (1).JPG


Quentin Hirsley, Creative Director

Dave McCradden, Creative Director

Brian Eaton, Art Director

Matt Frierdich, Copywriter

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