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Michelada Week

As The Official Beer for Micheladas, Modelo believes that “National Michelada Day” shouldn’t be confined to just July 12th; it should be a week long celebration for our fans. Modelo paid tribute to a timeless Mexican cerveza preparada by crowdsourcing the perfect Michelada recipe.

This was the first FB Live event from Ogilvy Chicago and the first Facebook Live Bar in history.

Case Study

Always-On Social

A weeklong social crowdsourcing gave us everything we needed to know to craft the "Model Michelada."

On National Michelada Day, July 12th, we revealed the fan-based michelada recipe for The Official Chela of Micheladas™ –

Modelo Especial

​To announce The “Model” Michelada recipe to the world we launched the first ever live bar via Facebook Live where fans could order their own micheladas, get recipes and tips, and celebrate National Michelada Day with Modelo Especial.

We became the first beer brand to craft a michelada for the people, by the people.



Sam Spratlin, Creative Director
Matt Doherty, Creative Director

Ken Mason, ACD

Thirsty? Click the Model Michelada

to try for yourself

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