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Notre Dame Digital Media: 
Sheldon Day vs. Sheldon Night


(Link Above ^)

Student athlete interview with University of Notre Dame defensive lineman, Sheldon Day.


I wrote, filmed, edited and conducted the interview. 



The Keenan Revue

The Keenan Revue is a campuswide variety show that I have been the head writer for since sophomore year. 


Thousands of students attend the show and here is an example of one of the skits I wrote and acted in. 



That particular skit just mocks how certain Notre Dame students unwarranted sense of entitlement. 



This sketch makes fun of how awful the campus health center is. It's just awful.




(Link Above^)

Blog that I kept for friends and family while studying abroad. 


Straying from the normal, diary approach. This blog is primarily sophomoric jokes and observations. 


The blog garnered 23,000 page views in only 7 posts. 

Outside work. Includes Blog, short video productions, acting, and writing. 

eHarmony eXperiment



Short video I made/acted in for an introductory film class.


An eHarmony date starts off great, but continually goes downhill. (The beginning is a little slow, but it picks up)


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